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Artisan quilting and quilted products that tell a story

Visit my Etsy store for quilted items, that fit your lifestyle. If you like my work, but want something a little different than what you see in my store, contact me to discuss other possibilities.


ABuzz With New Life" themed Baby/Toddler Quilt
Dimensions: 34.5” x 34.5”
See my Etsy Store for more details.

This quilt comes from the natural world outside my door in the spring. The ponds, creeks, wispy tall grasses, and bushes are alive with the sound of bugs. Two of my favorites are dragonflies and bumblebees. They buzz around the green spaces, hover over the water, and seem to perch atop dewdrops glistening on the surface of leaves. Blue minky represents the water; long narrow strips of cream and green, the tall grasses; and circles, the dewdrops. The top is pieced with dragonfly and bumblebee themed fabric. Look close, and you’ll see more dragonflies and bumblebees stitched into the quilting. This quilt is abuzz with new life and new possibilities.

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